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|Оригинал=On the second day, we found a dojigger that was just fine for opening cans, although I'm fairly sure that was not at all what it was designed for. And on the following day, we finally puzzled out how another piece of equipment could be used for digging slanted postholes and, I ask you, who in their right mind would be wanting slanted postholes?}}
{{Q|Цитата=Джимми ни разу не ходил с нами. Он сидел, склонившись над стопкой бумаги, и строчил, перечитывал, вычеркивал слова и вписывал другие. Он вставал, бродил, выписывая круги, или метался из стороны в сторону, бормотал что—точто-то, садился и снова писал. Он почти не ел, не разговаривал и мало спал. Это был точный портрет Молодого Человека в Муках Творчества.
Мне стало любопытно, а не написал ли он, мучаясь и потея, что—нибудьчто-нибудь стоящее?, И когда, он отвернулся, я стащил один листок. Такого бреда он даже прежде не писал!
Такого бреда он даже прежде не писал!
|Оригинал=Jimmy had not gone out with us a single day. He'd sit hunched over his ream of paper and he scribbled and revised and crossed out words and put in others. He'd get up and walk around in circles or pace back and forth and mumble to himself, then go back and write some more. He scarcely ate and he wouldn't talk and he only slept a little. He was the very portrait of a Young Man in the Throes of Creation.
I got curious about it, wondering if, with all this agony and sweat, he might be at last writing something that was worth the effort. So, when he wasn't looking, I sneaked out a page of it.
It was even worse than the goo he had written before.}}
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