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The script actually has finished its run, but there still are [[Служебная:ValidationStatistics|only 0.57 % of counted articles (26)]] that are sighted (note: many many redirects have been sighted nonetheless)! Please check http://stats.wikimedia.org/wikiquote/EN/TablesWikipediaRU.htm#wikipedians (3 tables) if there are trusted users/bots (like "Dinybot"?) that are (or have been) major contributors but not yet included in the whitelist (only sysops+flagged bots+sighters)! --- Best regards, [[Участник:Melancholie|Melancholie]] 23:06, 4 декабря 2008 (UTC)
:Final? [[Участник:Melancholie/auto-surveyor|statistics]] --- Best regards, [[Участник:Melancholie|Melancholie]] 23:44, 9 декабря 2008 (UTC)
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