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* Собственно, вот первоисточник: <blockquote>The English family doctor, [[w:en:Ronald Gibson|Ronald Gibson]], began a conference on generational conflict, citing four sentences <br />1. "Our youth love luxury and is rude, ignores authorities and has not the slightest respect for the elderly. Our children today are real tyrants. They do not become standing when an older person enters. They respond to their parents and are simply bad." <br />2. "Since I have no hope for the future of our country if the youth of today takes power tomorrow, because the youth is unbearable, unbridled, just horrible." <br />3. "Our world came to its critical point. The children no longer listen to their parents. The end of the world can not be far away." <br />4. "This youth is spoiled to the depths of the heart. Young people are criminals and idlers. They will never be as youth before. The youth of today will not be able to maintain our culture." <br />After enunciating the four appointments, Dr. Gibson, noted how much of the audience approved of each of the sentences.<br />He waited a moment to be silenced the murmurs of the people commenting on the statement and then revealed the origin of the phrases, saying: The first sentence is of Socrates (470-399 BC). The third is a Egyptian priest (2000 BC). The fourth was written on a clay vase discovered in ruins of Babylon (modern Baghdad) and more than 4,000 years existence. The second is from Hesiod (720 BC).</blockquote>
:: Проблема в том, что ни Сократ, ни Гесиод, ни египетский жрец, ни вавилонский гончар никогда ничего подобного не говорили. Проф.Д-р Гибсон все выдумал. --[[Участник:Shruggy|Shruggy]] ([[Обсуждение участника:Shruggy|обсуждение]]) 22:04, 11 июля 2014 (UTC)
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